Monday, June 02, 2008

Joanna Wang - 王若琳

I totally fascinated on Joanna Wang nowadays...

to her voice...
to her music...


Found out she is not from China which I mention on my earlier post. She actually is an American born Taiwanese. That's why she can sing so well for the English songs.

First time when I hears Joanna the sound is so attractive, her voice specially the hits song "Let's Start From Here", I totally fall in love on it.

She is Taiwan
top music producer 王治平 Mr.Wang Zhiping's daughter, but this has not related with Wang Zhiping.

A young sound, is singing 70, 80's classical songs...

The sound is a little hoarse, is a little low and deep...

Likes her gliding very much...

This has Bossa the Nova melody Taiwanese girl, does not have the magnificent image, but her magnificent sound enough conquers all the mans in this world.

Joanna is a left handed person. She very much hoped since childhood that can follow her idol "The Beatles" member, Paul McCartney who also the left handed person. On her 12 years old, her father has delivered
a left handed uses guitar for her to start her creation.

Today, on her first album has specially contained 7 original English songs, 3 Joanna with her creations, 2 Western classics, as well as 5 national language songs. The altogether 17 songs by double CD, may feel Joanna from the different angle the sound charm.

01. Lets Start From Here
02. Lost in Paradise
03. As Love Begins to Mend
04. Bada Bada
05. Lost Taipei
06. The Best Mistake I've Ever Made
07. I Love You (OT_愛很簡單)
08. For no Reason
09. Stages of Flying
10. Now
11. True
12. New York State of Mind
13. 迷宮
14. 有你的快樂
15. Now - 中文版
16. 因為你愛我
17. For No Reason - 中文版

Let's enjoy this song which totally heart me...

By the way, Faye Wong 王菲 still my love...
Two difference person has a difference style of singing... ;)

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