Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wrong Hole by DJ Lubel


I took her on a date things seemed so bright
I knew I would not need my youporn tonight
We go to her place and we fooled around
We throw all our clothes to the ground

We begin as she turns out the lights
I start but feel something so very extra tight
I hear her cry and I see her frown
I look at the condom it is all brown

Last night I stuck it in the wrong hole
I'm so sorry from the bottom of my soul
Cause I stuck it in the wrong hole

Try some preparation H it'll make you feel better
In my defense those holes are so close together
Oh baby baby don't feel defiled
It's a common accident during doggy style

It was so dark I couldn't see so good
I had no idea where I put my wood
I want to make things better want to make it alright
If you want you can put on a strap on and give it back to me all night ( I'd rather if she didn't)

Last night I stuck it in the wrong hole
I'm so sorry from the bottom of my soul

I never ever want to make you feel hurting
I guess that's why God made that hole not for inserting
Tell me how you feel baby please don't pause
Now I know how they feel in that HBO show OZ
Maybe take some advit your pain it will fix
From the way you are walking you can compete in the special olympics
If this was Alabama we would be on trial
That's how my mom took my temperature when I was a child

I've got a confession and I think you wont mind
I kinda liked when you put it in my behind
I don't know baby I'm no Sodomite
Can't we just try it again tonight?


Every night I stick it in the wrong hole
It's so much fun and we don't need no birth control
When we stick it in the wrong hole.

I stuck in your ass.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trojan Games vs Shaolin "Kung Fu"

Past few days Haze was show us a site Trojan Games. It was really funny and we had a good laughed. If you admit yourself is very good on sex, I wonder any of you dare to try it or not... hehehe..

Here are some funny videos for sharing...

#1 Judo Semifinal - Tricia Williams (GBR) vs Francois Beridon (FRA)

#2 Weightlifting - Mosienko (UKR) and Bubka (UKR)

#3 Precision Vaulting - Ruthie-Lou Jackson (USA) and Bertie Weinberger (USA)

After we finished watching the video, we was joke around and ask the "Gwai Lou" to try it but he said those style at the video were normal. He said he can do some more awesome and hardcore Shaolin Kung Fu style. As the way he described it, I actually found a video that matched...

#4 unknown Hong Kong stars.

So, which one for you to vote as "Awesomesauce" ? :P

Thursday, June 10, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010

It's actually near.. or maybe can say it start on tomorrow - 11 June 2010!


Yes yes yes, I'm ready for this... football fever~~~ woohoo~~

Which team are you supporting?

Well, my favorite team is England!!! Click here for the full squad of the team.

Appearances at finals:
1950 - First round
1954 - Quarter-finals
1958 - First round
1962 - Quarter-finals
1966 - Winners
1970 - Quarter-finals
1982 - Second group stage
1986 - Quarter-finals
1990 - Fourth place
1998 - Second round
2002 - Quarter-finals
2006 - Quarter-finals

So far, England won the only one time of world cup in the history. Which was 1966... =.="

They always disappointed for the past world cup but I still 100% fully supporting them! I hope they will doing well for this season! *cross finger* >.<

This month kickoff schedule for England:-
  • June 12, 2010 @ 18:30 GMT - England vs United States at Royal Bafokeng Stadium
  • June 18, 2010 @ 18:30 GMT - England vs Algeria at Cape Town Stadium
  • June 23, 2010 @ 14:00 GMT - Slovenia vs England at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium
Go England Go!!! :D

Monday, June 07, 2010


Last Friday I was invited by Suanie to this Absolut Rock Launch event at Solaris Dutamas, KL. So, we went there after our dinner. It was an awesome night partying with #porkgang and I really enjoyed myself in the party. Wonder when is the next? *winks*

Ready for party~~ ^.^

awww... yum yum~~

Drink more...

more more more...

After some drinks, all turned to violence...

Some drunk KungFu poses...

Poor FireAngel got bullied by Michael

Evil Horny trying to hit Suanie

Let's DANCE!!!!

Crazy Chicken Little Kimberly :P

Crazy people.. :P :P :P

The lovely couple KY and Haze...

All hits by Absolut vodka and gone crazy dy... IT'S ALL FUN!!!

Received some lovely door gift as well from Absolut! SWEET~!!!

Friday, June 04, 2010


Oh well, woke up this morning and it's raining... grrrr.. need to move my ass off from my comfy bed.. :( Then I went to toilet and found "AV" me in the early of morning which made me a bit sick.. Bahhh!!! :s

Then, as usual jam jam jam to work and found nothing to tapao for breakfast... even the milo at office all finish!!!!! GRrrrrrrrr..........

Argghhhh.... what a morning...

and the WORST thing is I'm wearing the same color of shirt with my boss!!! FML!!!

So, my Friday happy mood all gone... *sobs sobs*

Anyway, I hope I can....

...enjoy the event tonight with #porkgang!!!


Thursday, June 03, 2010

"Old Balard!"

I do not understand WHY a company is keep hiring some old fart to replace the young blood?!

I'm not here to saying bad or discrimination them but sometimes I really pissed by them. WHY?

Here's are some of the reasons:

1. They're noob to use a computer.
YES, they not even know how to copy or save a file... -___- So, they got the excuses to throw out the works to other people.

2. They like to talked big and thought they knew everything.

3. Some they only talked in their own dialects (like hakka, cantonese and etc) in the meetings and assume everyone understand it.
Yes, they don't care in the meeting there are some malay or indian colleagues. kili kulu kili kulu %^#^@%$^#*($@(%^!(^& bla bla bla.....

4. Some aunties are too busy body and some even think they are doctor.
Waa.. you look so sick.. you must eat this and that.. Waa.. cancer ar? then you must go get some medicine at the traditional chinese medical (中医).. follow the "secret recipe" to cook the medicine...

5. They even likes to showing off.
Eh, how many A your kid got? No lah... my kid ar, He very notty lah.. I asked him to study but he always watch tv... but LUCKILY SPM ALL SCORED As LOR...

There are still a lot more of annoyed things happened. I don't know yours but these all are happened at my workplace. Can you imagine they just hired back a retired guy back for work to replace a young guy who didn't do anything wrong to the company!

If saying they have the experience of works, yeah! maybe... but I can see most of their "experiences" are at "N" years ago...

Well, not to say I'm not respecting them but it's hard for me to respect a people like that.
Am I right?

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

WHO AM I ???

I’m afraid, I’m depressed, and I’m lost…

I wonder why I’m so emotional nowadays. I can get pissed or annoyed easily without any excuse or reason. When you ask me what happen and seriously I can’t give you any of the reason on WHY IS I EMOING? Am I getting old? Period? Stressful? Crazy? Or Menopause? T_____T

Well, I do try to make myself better whenever I’m out with the gang members but it always I pissed myself off in the last minute. That is why I can’t make myself happily to enjoy in the party. I SUCKS!

I know everyone worried on me and maybe they thought they did something bad on me. I seriously don’t want this to happen but IT ALWAYS ME TO CAUSED EVERYTHING OUT! I do hate myself for the moment. I do tell myself and forcing myself just fucking enjoy for the party. But, my mood goes until zero which I just feel like want to leave the place immediately. I failed. L

God (not you Terence), please help me if you can read this!

Anyway, thanks for my dearest friend who really concern on me. I'm so sorry for the trouble that I caused.

Maybe I need a break.