Wednesday, June 02, 2010

WHO AM I ???

I’m afraid, I’m depressed, and I’m lost…

I wonder why I’m so emotional nowadays. I can get pissed or annoyed easily without any excuse or reason. When you ask me what happen and seriously I can’t give you any of the reason on WHY IS I EMOING? Am I getting old? Period? Stressful? Crazy? Or Menopause? T_____T

Well, I do try to make myself better whenever I’m out with the gang members but it always I pissed myself off in the last minute. That is why I can’t make myself happily to enjoy in the party. I SUCKS!

I know everyone worried on me and maybe they thought they did something bad on me. I seriously don’t want this to happen but IT ALWAYS ME TO CAUSED EVERYTHING OUT! I do hate myself for the moment. I do tell myself and forcing myself just fucking enjoy for the party. But, my mood goes until zero which I just feel like want to leave the place immediately. I failed. L

God (not you Terence), please help me if you can read this!

Anyway, thanks for my dearest friend who really concern on me. I'm so sorry for the trouble that I caused.

Maybe I need a break.


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Kimberly Low said...

lets go swimming this sunday!